Spent a couple hours Saturday morning having fun in nerdland weighing in on Ferguson, Raven Symone and Jennifer Lawrence on the MHP show.

Take a look:

Some white Ferguson residents surprised by city’s racial divide
While some residents in Ferguson experience the city as a site of unrest and discontent, others were surprised at the racial tensions that were exposed in the wake of Michael Brown’s death.

Can there be meaningful change in Ferguson?
Can the movement for justice sparked by the death of Michael Brown lead to meaningful political change in Ferguson?

Raven Symone rejects labels
Raven Symone rejects ‘African American’ and ‘gay’ labels
Actress Raven Symone’s assertions of rejecting being labeled as African American or gay set off a firestorm on Twitter. Jill Filipovic, Brittney Cooper, Michael Skolnik and Cora Daniels unpack the questions of race, language and self-identification…

Jennifer Lawrence reacts to photo hack
Why Jennifer Lawrence is calling photo hack a ‘sex crime’
The MHP table talks about Jennifer Lawrence’s reaction to the hacking of nude photos of her and why the actress calls the incident a